Global Alpha Fund : SPGAX / SPGCX / SPGFX

The investment objective of the Global Alpha Fund is to achieve long-term capital appreciation.
The fund seeks to provide investors with a dynamic ETF portfolio strategy that attempts to assess market risk and volatility so as to tactically adjust overall market exposure in order to potentially capture upside and reduce downside risk.

Key reasons to invest

Disciplined process – SignalPoint's tactical, quantitative risk assessment model (MRI) analyzes and continuously monitors market data in order to gauge overall market risk and volatility. Based on this indicator the Fund will incrementally sell shares of its positions as they appreciate or conversely, buy shares as the underlying sector ETF's decline. The Fund's goal is to buy when others are selling and sell when others are buying—thus capitalizing on market volatility.

Consistent approach – A systematic approach to increasing and decreasing market exposure with the goal of maintaining what the Fund believes to be a relevant sector allocation throughout various stages of the market cycle.

Diverse portfolio of ETFs – The Fund attempts to maintain diversification while actively adjusting allocations with a focus on managing risk and improving returns.

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Fund overview

Fund fact sheet


SignalPoint Closing Sticker (Supplement 3.18.2016)

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Fund SAI (Statement of Additional Information) with Supplements

Annual Report 9.30.2014

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Fund SAI Supplement 3.20.2015

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